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Posted by kimberley rose on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, In : accasions 
hi im kim so that means im, uuur, who am i, i am,  uuuum, im-your caitlinoh year
any who soon its halloween so get your costums ready  year and rember to tp all the houses
exept ours of cors they cant any way they dont know were we live oh well we live in-dont tell them, any way make shore you get loads of candy and if not have the tp ready at hand and rember eat chick all your life why did you write that because chickin is epic never eat chickin dont lissen to hear tp her house never eat chic...

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Posted by kimberley rose on Saturday, October 1, 2011, In : accasions 
christmas is allmost hear i hope its another white cristmas(for the young people that means a snowy christmas)
because we all love playing in the snow!
hears some pics from 2007 christmas(that 4 years back from now):
my first snowman

our giant snow man

me and em freezing to deth

merry christmas

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