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September 16, 2012
hey webets its kim hear my computer works again woooooooo 
im gunna upload a new videos on coolbiz vids but not just any video im gunna upload a video that was made in 2010 the first year of coolbiz a video of me and caitlin and some more shup up tracy videos too :)


March 30, 2012
hey webets im coming to you live from my school hurst comunity collage!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i havent posted much or edeted the site recently because my computer wont load coolbiz and caitlin dont no the password to edit it :L but never fear because my stupid school is hear or should i say im hear in my stupid school any who the school computers do load coolbiz as you can probally tell cos im doing this xxxxxxxxx c u guys all soon g2g the bells just gone

so goood bye
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my name is courtney

November 10, 2011

hey my name is courtney i love your website and i like it when you had that argument on the halloween blog it was really funny by the way love the carla page its epic

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children in need

October 27, 2011
hi there congratulations you are the 100th visitor you have won £100,000,000
jokes kim and caitlin hear, any who you have to come to shirfeild on loddon then you will win £100,000,000 no you wont kim stop writing that, any way were raising money for children in need by selling treats braclets and hosting compatisions see the children in need page for more info and remember to eat chickin kim are you still on that i thought we ended it on the last blog i sor you write something on the chat pa...

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October 26, 2011
hi im kim so that means im, uuur, who am i, i am,  uuuum, im-your caitlinoh year
any who soon its halloween so get your costums ready  year and rember to tp all the houses
exept ours of cors they cant any way they dont know were we live oh well we live in-dont tell them, any way make shore you get loads of candy and if not have the tp ready at hand and rember eat chick all your life why did you write that because chickin is epic never eat chickin dont lissen to hear tp her house never eat chic...

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October 1, 2011
christmas is allmost hear i hope its another white cristmas(for the young people that means a snowy christmas)
because we all love playing in the snow!
hears some pics from 2007 christmas(that 4 years back from now):
my first snowman

our giant snow man

me and em freezing to deth

merry christmas

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nibals xxxxxxxxxx

October 1, 2011

hey webets yesterday we ad to put down the best old english butterfly rabbit in the world hears a pic of my sister holding him when he was a baby:

he'sa big boy hears a pic of just him xxxxxx :'(

we have another rabbit a lion head one called fluffy
shes the sad'st because they loved eachother por fluffy!!!!! kisses to both of you guys from me and em xxxxxxxxxxxx :)

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hawkins bazar

September 26, 2011

hey webets kim hear, im alsow hear and my names caitlin and my names bigger than kims i mean kims 

oh year kimunfair thats as big as it go's

any way........ we all now the store hawkins bazar
well we have decided to make a picture album on
the coolbiz blog, so hears a few pics of the stuff we
got: dun dun  da dun dun da duuuuuuuuun and
your typing that because? sowy any way hear they are:

pooie piggie

alion dood


finger thing

walking eye

megga whoopee cushion

so can you guys post us
some pics
of ...

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dusty and me

September 25, 2011
hi im lotty
and hears the cutest dog ever , dustyhow cute is that? all i can say is awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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my names emma hears my puppy

September 25, 2011
hi kim and caitlin
i really love your website how did u make it i want to make a website
btw love the haramcia page i made a doll exactly like one of urs coolbiz
xxxxx from emma

and hears a pic of my new puppyy:  
1024x768 Cute puppyhe's called senyore cool

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