hey its kim and caitlin hear  your probaly thinking why do we have a children in need page? well wear raising money for children in need (some of you might it better as pudsey bear).


what are we doing?

wear selling braclets cookies cupcakes colouring books and wear alsow doing teddie bear naming and how many sweets in the jar its really cheep and it ALL GOES TO CHILDREN IN NEED (PUDSEY)


when and wear is it?

its taking place in sherfield on loddon near bramly if you havent heard of it just use a satnav we will either be out side the park gate or at the duck pond. we will be doing it from 28th of october - 19th of november 2011.


how do you take place in the teddie and sweets games?


teddie naming game: theres a sheet of  paper of any posible names put your name and tick next to what you think the teddies name is if you get i right you win a teddie.


sweetie jar game: look at the jar how manny sweets do you think wear in it 30, 50, 100 , once again theres a sheet, similer to the last on, you put your name and a tick next to the nuber you think is right if you are right you win all the sweets.




down to bisnes how much dose it cost thats evey ones question well hears your anwer verry verry cheep, and remember it all goes to children in need 100% of it!

items to buy:

braclets: 3colours-10p 5colours-25p

colouring books: £1.00

cookies and cupcakes: 75p


teddie naming: 3 geusses-50p 5geusses-£1.00

sweetie jar: 3geusses-25p 5geusses-50p

thats the prices hope to see you on 29th october - 20th december, see you then.


any more info?

if you need to know something and its not hear email us and ask us the question we'll anwer you on hear, email: caitlin_kim@live.com

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